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Friday, April 17, 2015

Query to find Rman backupset sizes

select ctime "Date"  
       , decode(backup_type, 'L', 'Archive Log', 'D', 'Full', 'Incremental') backup_type  
      , bsize "Size MB"  
   from (select trunc(bp.completion_time) ctime  
      , backup_type  
       , round(sum(bp.bytes/1024/1024),2) bsize  
      from v$backup_set bs, v$backup_piece bp  
       where bs.set_stamp = bp.set_stamp  
      and bs.set_count  = bp.set_count  
      and bp.status = 'A'  
     group by trunc(bp.completion_time), backup_type)  

   order by 1, 2;