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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

OPP Issue while generating the XML Output in apps 11i

Problem Description:
Ø  Few XML type concurrent programs taking long time and completed with warning OPP log file registered below error
      Caused by: java.lang.ThreadDeath
Ø  CPU utilization taking 100% constantly while running the concurrent programs.

The java.lang.ThreadDeath error indicates that the Output Post Processor has reached its processing timeout.

The following configuration changes are recommended to optimize the environment for these type of reports:
1. Increase the value of the Concurrent: OPP Timeout profile option to 10800 seconds.
2. Enable the scalability feature of XML Publisher:

1. Login as SYSADMIN
2. Responsibility: XML Publisher Administrator
3. Function: Administration
4. Set the following properties:
5. Temporary Directory
6. Use XML Publisher's XSLT processor: True
7. Enable scalable feature of XSLT processor: True   -- By default it’s false
8. Enable XSLT runtime optimization: True

> After changing the value also the problem still exist. As per the SR suggestion, we increased the java heap size from 1024M to 2048M.

a. Bring down the concurrent managers.

b. Use the Update statement below, for example:

c. Bring concurrent managers up again

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