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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

You must allow access to at least one attribute group


When are working in the inventory module and when we tried to do some transactions, We faced the following issue.

Error :

You must allow access to at least one attribute group

We have checked the responsibility Inventory Vision Operations (USA) and it doesn't have any exclusions in System Administrator.

We have also checked the seeded Inventory Responsibility and when we opened Master Items or Organization Items screen the same problem You must allow access to at least one attribute group and after clicking on OK button the Item screen opens up and only Process Manufacturing tab is active and all the other tabs are greyed out.

Also we get the following error when we ignored the above and started working further.

The components for the Inventory Items screen are not licensed in License Manager in R12.1.1.

Need to license the Products through System Administration or System Administrator Responsibility.

System Administrator > Oracle Applications Manager > Lincese Manager

Click on the the Products under License section and license the Respective Products. For example (INV etc)

After performing the above steps the Items Screen attributes are active.

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