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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Datapump 11g COMPRESSION Parameter

Prior to 11g only METADATA_ONLY and NONE could be specified. With now COMPRESSION=ALL, dumpfile size can be greatly reduced so no need to use any compression utility to compress the dumpfile further.

METDATA_ONLY - Only the metadata is compressed
DATA_ONLY -         Only the data is compressed; the metadata is left alone.
ALL -                          Both the metadata and data are compressed.
-                      This is the default; no compression is performed. 

Without compression parameter

expdp system/oracle schemas=scott directory=TEST_DIR dumpfile=scott.dmp logfile=scott.log

Using compression parameter

expdp system/oracle schemas=scott directory=TEST_DIR  dumpfile=scott1.dmp logfile=scott1.log compression=all

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