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Friday, October 17, 2014

How to clone Oracle 10g and 11g binaries in silent mode

For the purpose of demonstration, I will clone an existing (11gR2) ORACLE_HOME on the source server.

Directories Needed:

Source Server:

Staging Directory = /home/oracle/clone  [This directory will be used as a staging directory for the binaries]

Target Server:

Create the following directories if required

ORACLE_HOME=/opt/app/oracle/product/ [This should be empty]
Staging Directory= /home/oracle/clone

Procedure to Clone:

Log on to the source server:


a) Choose the Version of the ORACLE_HOME you intend to clone and ‘cd’ to that directory. In our case it is Home

cd /opt/app/oracle/product/

b) Create a tar ball of the source ORACLE_HOME in the staging directory /home/oracle/clone

tar -cvf /home/oracle/clone/source_11202.tar ./

c) Once a tar file is created scp the file on to the remote server

scp /home/oracle/clone/source_11202.tar

d) After the copying is done, logon to the target server


e) Go to the staging directory where you have copied the tar ball. In our case it is /home/oracle/clone on the target server

cd /home/oracle/clone

f) Make sure you have the ORACLE_HOME directory created on the target server. untar the tar file

i) cd /opt/app/oracle/product/

ii) tar -xvf /home/oracle/clone/source_11202.tar

g) Once untar is done, run the runInstaller command in silent mode

/opt/app/oracle/product/ -silent -clone ORACLE_HOME="/opt/app/oracle/product/" ORACLE_HOME_NAME="ANY NAME" ORACLE_BASE="/opt/app/oracle"

h)The above step takes a while, once the setup is successful switch to root user and run the following configuration script


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