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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Copy Plan Erroredout with "No Free partitions available. Contact DBA to create partitions"


If you have no other free partitions, then simply run
Create APS Partitions program
with parameters
Plan partition = 1
Instance partition = 0
This will create a new plan partition that can be used to create a new plan.

You can verify using the following:

select * from msc_plans;
-- the purged plan should not exist in this table (plan name in column COMPILE_DESIGNATOR)

select * from msc_designators;
-- the purged plan should not exist in this table (plan name in column DESIGNATOR)

select * from msc_plan_partitions;
-- FREE_FLAG is showing 2 for partition with this plan name

NOTE: For FREE_FLAG = 1 with old PLAN_NAME still showing - this is fine
- the plan name is NOT replaced until you save a new plan AND have created plan options for that new plan name.

You can drop the old partition using
Drop Partition Request and enter the partition number and set parameter Plan = Yes
Note: This step should be done AFTER you verify that MSC_PLANS and MSC_DESIGNATORS DO NOT show the name of the purged plan

Ref ( Doc ID 1333292.1)

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