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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

"Loader Worker With Direct Load Option" Erroredout with usdsop: exec failed during spawnsqlldr:

"Loader Worker With Direct Load Option"   Erroredout with the below
usdsop: exec failed during spawnsqlldr: Permission denied
Program exited with status 1
APP-FND-01630: Cannot open file /app04/oracle/TEST/inst/apps/TEST_<hostname>/appltmp/OFQY5qaa.t for reading

In $ORACLE_HOME/bin the file called sqlldr is either missing or has the wrong permissions with the APPLMGR (ie APPS) user which is how sqlldr is called from MSCPLD - Loader Worker With Direct Load Option when the concurrent request is run


1.To regenerate the sqlldr file if not exists, login as the APPLMGR (ie APPS) user

      a.  cd $ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/lib
      b.  Run the following command to regenerat sqlldr for APPLMGR:
             $make -f isqlldr
      c. Rerun the ASCP plan

2.To fix the permissions,run the following command as the APPLMGR user in directory $ORACLE_HOME/bin:
        $chmod 755 sqlldr
     a. Check the persmissions of this file with the following command:
       $ls -al sql* 
       -rwxr-xr-x 1 applmgr dba 702577 Nov 28 2008 sqlldr
     b. Then rerun the ASCP plan

Reference (Doc ID 1081447.1)

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