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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Changing the Private network configuration in Oracle RAC

Changing the Private network Configuration

As of 11.2 Grid Infrastructure, the private network configuration is not only stored in OCR but also in the gpnp profile.  If the private network is not available or its definition is incorrect, the CRSD process will not start and any subsequent changes to the OCR will be impossible. Therefore care needs to be taken when making modifications to the configuration of the private network. It is important to perform the changes in the correct order.

1. Collect the existing cluster information:

$ oifcfg getif
eth1 global public
eth0 global cluster_interconnect

2. Take a backup of profile.xml on all cluster nodes before proceeding, as grid user:

$ cd $ORACLE_HOME/gpnp/<hostname>/profiles/peer/

$ cp -p profile.xml profile.xml.bk

3. Add the new cluster_interconnect information:

$ oifcfg setif -global <interface>/<subnet>:cluster_interconnect

For example:

a. add a new interface bond0 with the same subnet

$ oifcfg setif -global bond0/

b. add a new subnet with the same interface name but different subnet or new interface name

$ oifcfg setif -global eth0/

4. Verify the change:

$ oifcfg getif

5. Shutdown Oracle Clusterware on all nodes and disable the Oracle Clusterware as root user:

# crsctl stop crs
# crsctl disable crs

6. Make the network configuration change at OS level as required, ensure the new interface is available on all nodes after the change.

$ ifconfig -a

$ ping <private hostname>

7. Enable Oracle Clusterware and restart Oracle Clusterware on all nodes as root user:

# crsctl enable crs
# crsctl start crs

8. Remove the old interface if required:

$ oifcfg delif -global <if_name>[/<subnet>]
$ oifcfg delif -global eth0/

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