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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Deploying applications using WLST

Now let's deploy the application through WLST using the following steps:

     1. Log in as a wls user to shell and start WLST: 

     [wls@prod01]$ $WL_HOME/common/bin/

     2. Connect to the Administration Server using wlsadmin as the user,<pwd>  as the password, and             t3://prod01.domain.local:7001 as the server URL:

     wls:/offline>connect("wlsadmin","<pwd>","t3://prod01.domain.        local:7001")

     3. Run the following WLST command to deploy the myApp.ear application to the PROD_Cluster          cluster:

     deploy("myApp","/oracle/applications/prod/myApp/v1/app/myApp.        ear","PROD_Cluster")

     4. The following should be the output:

Deploying application from/oracle/applications/prod/myApp/v1/app/ myApp.ear to targets PROD_Cluster (upload=false) ...

<Apr 6, 2013 11:02:24 PM BRT><Info><J2EE Deployment SPI><BEA-
260121><Initiating deploy operation for application, myApp
[archive: /oracle/applications/prod/myApp/v1/app/myApp.ear], to
PROD_Cluster .>

Completed the deployment of Application with status completed 
Current Status of your Deployment: 
Deployment command type: deploy 
Deployment State : completed

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