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Saturday, September 5, 2015

"OCR" HAS an invalid IP address Solution

Clusterware PRC-1302: The "OCR" HAS an invalid IP address size
I encountered a problem with a cluster of  (rhel linux 6.5) on which we are trying to install Oracle Database I note that the grid infrastructure has not been installed by me.
At one point of the installation error was encountered:

An internal error occurred Within cluster verification framework
Unable to obtenir network interface list from Oracle
Clusterware PRC-1302: The "OCR" HAS an invalid IP address size


A check of the configuration of network interfaces with the command "oifcfg" shows that configuring interfaces in the cluster is not correct:

oifcfg iflist -p

oifcfg GetIF
* global public
* global  cluster_interconnect

PRIF-29: Warning: wildcard in network parameters can mismatch because Among GPnP profile, OCR, and system


oifcfg setif -global  eth1/ cluster_interconnect

oifcfg delif -global * /

oifcfg setif -global  eth0/ public

oifcfg delif -global * /

Verfication and End Result:

oifcfg GetIF

eth0 global public
eth1 global  cluster_interconnect

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