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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

            Choosing the JRockit garbage collection Mode

Getting ready

A JVM startup argument will be added, by using the Administration Console, so make sure
the Administration Server is running.

Steps to do it...

To change the JVM garbage collection mode:

1. Access the Administration Console by pointing your web browser to


2. Click on the Lock & Edit button to start a new edit session.

3. Expand the Environment tree to the left and then click on Servers.

4. Click on the PROD_Server01 link and then click on the Server Start tab.

5. Add the following to the Arguments field and click on the Save button:


6. Click on the Activate Changes button.

7. Restart PROD_Server01.

8. Repeat the preceding steps for Managed Servers PROD_Server02, PROD_Server03,
and PROD_Server04.

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