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Monday, December 28, 2015

Query to find Errored concurrent Requests in Last 24 Hrs:

SELECT b.request_id, a.user_concurrent_program_name,
       b.phase_code AS completed, b.status_code AS error,
       u.user_name requestor,
       TO_CHAR (b.actual_start_date, 'MM/DD/YY HH24:MI:SS') starttime,
       ROUND ((b.actual_completion_date - b.actual_start_date) * (60 * 24),
             ) runtime,
  FROM fnd_concurrent_programs_tl a, fnd_concurrent_requests b, fnd_user u
 WHERE a.concurrent_program_id = b.concurrent_program_id
   AND b.phase_code = 'C'
   AND b.status_code = 'E'
   AND b.actual_start_date > SYSDATE - 1
   AND b.requested_by = u.user_id


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