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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Creating Custom Concurrent Manager in Oracle Application R12:

Step to do:

Step 1Navigate to the oracle application Home page and find
 system administartor--->Concurrent:Manager---->Define

 Step 2:

i)In the manager field type as custom manager(you can have your desired manager name).
ii)In the short name field type the short name for the custom manager
iii)In the application name field type the name of the application like test production
iv)In the Testing field select custom manager
v)In the consumer group type DEFAULT_CONSUMER_GROUP

Step 3:

Click the work shift and specify the  work shift like 24 hours,number of processes and sleep seconds

Step 4:

 In the specialization rules form specify the rules like include/exclude,type,Application etc.

Step 5:

Now navigate to the administer concurrent managers and scroll down you will find the created manager in deactivated status

Step 6:

Active the manager by clicking the activate tab at the bottom of the form

Step 7:

Now you can see that the manager is activated  with the actual and target value as same.

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