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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Critical notification alert received for heap usage metric for the Particual target in OEM 12c.

Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c heap max value is less

Message Alert:
Target type=Oracle WebLogic Server
Target name=/EMGC_GCDomain/GCDomain/EMGC_OMS1
Message=The heap usage is 86%. 
Event reported time=Jan 4, 2016 7:46:26 AM EST
Operating System=Linux
Event Type=Metric Alert
Event name=jvm:heapUsedPercentage.value 
Metric Group=JVM Metrics
Metric=Heap Usage (%)
Metric value=86
Key Value=
Rule Name=prod01 Incident Management,EVENTRULE1
Rule Owner=SYSMAN

Steps to do:

1. Get the values of below parameters.

$ emctl get property -name OMS_HEAP_MIN
$ emctl get property -name OMS_HEAP_MAX
$ emctl get property -name OMS_PERMGEN_MIN
$ emctl get property -name OMS_PERMGEN_MAX

2. Increase the OMS_HEAP_MAX parameter value

$ emctl set propery -name OMS_HEAP_MAX -value 3000M

3. Bounce the Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c

$ emctl stop  oms -all
$ emctl start oms

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