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Friday, January 8, 2016


AD Patch Applying

1. The first step is to check whether the patch is already applied.
   Select * from ad_applied_patches where bug_number=”patch_number”;

2. If it is not applied, we are ready to apply the patch

3. Before applying patch we need to do some pre-requisites
   a) Take the invalid object counts in the application.
   b) Stop all the application services first.
4) Download the patch from oracle support by the given patch id.

5) Create a directory in the location $APPL_TOP/patches/ and move the patch to this directory.

6) Check for the service status. Whether all the services has been stopped.
a) Ps -ef | grep opmn
b) Ps -ef | grep httpd
c) Ps -ef | grep oc4j
d) Ps -ef | grep FNDLIBR

7) Once all the services are stopped

8) Run the utility

   Change the application to Maintanence mode

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