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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Updating the Oracle JDBC driver in Oracle Weblogic 12c server

Steps to do:

1. Download the new Oracle JDBC driver and move the JDBC driver file to /tmp

2. Shut down the weblogic Admin server and Managed Server

3. Login to the weblogic server

[wls12c@prod01] $ cd $WLS_HOME/Server/lib

4. Backup the old JDBC driver file.

[wls12c@prod01 lib ] $ mv ojdbc6.jar ojdbc6.bkp

5. Now move the new JDBC driver file from /tmp to $WLS_HOME/Server/lib

[wls12c@prod01 tmp ] $  mv ojdbc6.jar $WLS_HOME/Server/lib

6. Now start the Admin server and Managed Server

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