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Friday, February 5, 2016

Query to find Concurrent Program Information

SELECT cpv.user_concurrent_program_name "Concurrent Program Name",
       cpv.concurrent_program_name      "Program Short Name",
       efv.application_name             "Application",
       cpv.enabled_flag                 "Enabled Flag",
       cpv.output_file_type             "Output Format",
       fu.user_name                     "Created By (userid)",
       (SELECT meaning
          FROM fnd_lookup_values_vl flv
         WHERE UPPER (flv.lookup_type) = 'CP_EXECUTION_METHOD_CODE'
           AND flv.Lookup_code = efv.execution_method_code
       )                                "Execution Method",
       efv.executable_name              "Executable Name",
       efv.execution_file_name          "Execution Filename"
  FROM fnd_executables_form_v      efv,
       fnd_concurrent_programs_vl  cpv,
       fnd_user                    fu
 WHERE efv.executable_id  = cpv.executable_id
   AND efv.application_id = cpv.application_id
   AND cpv.created_by     = fu.user_id
   AND cpv.user_concurrent_program_name = '&program_name' -- // change it
 ORDER BY cpv.user_concurrent_program_name;

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