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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Configuring Customized Theme in Apex Application

Incident Detail: After cloning the datbase through RMAN utility. The apex application customized theme does’nt worked. But the workspace images are configured.

Root Cause:

1) When a database clone is made of an EPG Apex DB instance via 'EMGC RMAN active database cloning', the DISPATCHERS information does NOT come across in the clone, and DISPATCHERS has to be fixed manually.
2) Theme needs to be configured manually after cloning.

High Level Steps For Fixing this issue:

1) Define an entry in the init.ora (<sid> must be replaced by the sid of your version 11 db): dispatchers="(PROTOCOL=TCP)(SERVICE=<sid>XDB)".

2) Bounce the database(Start with pfile).

3) Unzip the them-smart-admin(theme) and this folder needs to be uploaded to the apex/images/themes location through File Transfer Protocol(FTP) – (Filezilla is the best option).
Note : Just drag and drop option will not work.

4) Reload the images again using the apex reload script.

5) Disable the HTTP port.

6) Bounce the database once.

7) Enable the HTTP port in 8080.

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