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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Script to Analyze Library cache timeout.

ORA-04021 timeout occurred while waiting to lock object %s%s%s%s%s.
Cause:  While trying to lock a library object, a time-out occurred.
Action: Retry the operation later.

To find Blocking  Session and Waiting Session, use the following sql.

select /*+ ordered */ w1.sid  waiting_session,
h1.sid  holding_session,
w.kgllktype lock_or_pin,
        w.kgllkhdl address,
decode(h.kgllkmod,  0, 'None', 1, 'Null', 2, 'Share', 3, 'Exclusive',
  'Unknown') mode_held, 
decode(w.kgllkreq,  0, 'None', 1, 'Null', 2, 'Share', 3, 'Exclusive',
  'Unknown') mode_requested
  from dba_kgllock w, dba_kgllock h, v$session w1, v$session h1
  (((h.kgllkmod != 0) and (h.kgllkmod != 1)
     and ((h.kgllkreq = 0) or (h.kgllkreq = 1)))
     (((w.kgllkmod = 0) or (w.kgllkmod= 1))
     and ((w.kgllkreq != 0) and (w.kgllkreq != 1))))
  and  w.kgllktype =  h.kgllktype
  and  w.kgllkhdl =  h.kgllkhdl
  and  w.kgllkuse     =   w1.saddr
  and  h.kgllkuse     =   h1.saddr


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