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Monday, April 18, 2016

Important tables for ADPATCH

Here are some of the important tables used by ADPATCH utility.


This table holds the various APPL-TOP’s in the Oracle Applications installation
that have ever been patched.


AD_APPLIED_PATCHES holds information about the “distinct” Oracle
Applications patches that have been applied. If 2 patches happen to have the
same name but are different in content (eg. “merged” patches), then they are
considered distinct and this table will therefore hold 2 records.


AD_BUGS holds information about the various Oracle Applications bugs whose
fixes have been applied (ie. patched) in the Oracle Applications installation.


This table holds information about the patch drivers that comprise a patch.


This table holds the various versions of Oracle Applications files (real files, not
“pseudo-files”) that have ever been patched or executed in the Oracle
Applications installation.


AD_FILES is the “files repository”. It contains information about the various files
that have been patched in the Oracle Applications installation. Some entries are
“pseudo-files” and not real files, (eg. directories) in which case some of the
columns are not applicable and would then hold the value “DUMMY”

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