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Monday, April 18, 2016

Oracle EBS Login Page Error : The page cannot be found

Normally, after cloning a new test environment on a new server, when we try to get the login
page by url “http://ServerName.domain:port/OA_HTML/AppsLocalLogin.jsp” , we get the error
message “The page cannot be found”.
Also if we try http://ServerName.domain:port and we will get the same error message.

Solution :

Step 1 : First , we need to check all Apache configuration files - httpd.conf, httpds.conf,
apps.conf, oprocmgr.conf, httpd_pls.conf .

Step 2 : We need to check required Linux RPM’s that may be missing as it is a new server.

Step 3 : We need to check the /etc/hosts file :

Most of the time, we make wrong entry in /etc/hosts file as shown below. localhost.localdomain localhost ServerName ServerName

We need to edit the /etc/hosts file as follows: localhost.localdomain localhost ServerName.domain ServerName

Step 4 : Clear cache from $COMMON_TOP/_pages/_oa__html/

Step 5 : Restart Apache
Now we will get the login page………

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