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Thursday, June 30, 2016


col instance_name format a20 heading "Instance|name"
col elapsed_seconds format 999,999 Heading "Elapsed|seconds"
col cpu_ms_ps format 999,999.99 heading "CPU ms|p.s."
col db_ms_ps format 999,999.99 heading "DB time|ms p.s."
set pages 1000
set lines 80
set echo on

WITH cluster_delta as (
    SELECT instance_name, start_timestamp,end_timestamp,
     round((end_timestamp-start_Timestamp)*24*3600,2) elapsed_seconds,
           SUM(CASE WHEN stat_name = 'DB CPU'
                    THEN VALUE/1000 END) cpu_ms,
            SUM(CASE WHEN stat_name = 'DB time'
                     THEN VALUE/1000 END) db_ms
    FROM table(opsg_pkg.service_stat_report())
    JOIN gv$instance using (inst_id)
   GROUP BY instance_name,start_timestamp,end_timestamp
SELECT instance_name, elapsed_seconds,
       ROUND(cpu_ms / elapsed_seconds, 2) cpu_ms_ps,
       ROUND(cpu_ms / elapsed_seconds, 2) db_ms_ps
FROM cluster_delta
ORDER BY instance_name; 

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