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Friday, July 15, 2016

Alert Log: Shutdown Waiting for Active Calls to Complete.

                  Alert Log: Shutdown Waiting for Active Calls to Complete.


You are attempting to shut down the database and the database hangs.  The 
alert log contains the following message: 
   SHUTDOWN: Waiting for active calls to complete 
There are no other error messages in the alert log. 


Locate and kill any client connections to the database at the Unix level, as follows: 
1. Locate any client connections to the database using ps, and grep for any 
   processes belonging to this . 
       Example: ps -ef | grep V733 
2. Look for processes that include a 'Local=No' designation. 
       Example: osupport 6235 1 0 Nov 24  0:01 oracleV733  (LOCAL=NO) 
3. Kill the Unix process(es) with the 'Local=No' designation. 
       Example: Kill -9 6235 


The database is waiting for pmon to clean up processes, but pmon is unable to 
clean them. The client connections to the server are causing the shutdown 
immediate or normal to hang.  Killing them allows pmon to clean up and release 
the associated Oracle processes and resources.

What resources are we talking about?

1) Any non committed transactions must be rolled back
2) Any temporary space (sort segments / lobs / session temporary tables) must be freed
3) The session itself and any associated memory consumed by the session.
4) Internal locks / en queues must be cleaned up.

Often Oracle (SMON or PMON depending on whether Shared Server is used)
will wait for the OS to terminate the process(es) associated with the session.

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