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Friday, July 1, 2016

Patch Wizard Configuration and Patch Analysis without accessing the Internet

Patch Wizard Configuration and Patch Analysis without accessing the Internet
(Without Providing Metalink Credentials) in EBS R12

1.     We can run patch wizard without accessing internet connection by downloading the patch information bundle.

2.     Steps to run Patch Wizard.

Ø  Download the latest Patch Information Bundle.

Ø  Create a directory and give full access and Move the Info bundle into the Directory
$ pwd
$ ls –lrt
-rw-r-----    1 appldev  dba         6818211 May 25 16:14

Ø  Now create two directories as shown below  ‘nonad and ad’ and  give the needed permission.
$ mkdir nonad
$ mkdir ad
$ chmod -R 777 nonad
$ chmod -R 777 ad

Ø  Now move the patch which needs to be analysed to the nonad directory.
$ mv nonad

3.     Now Login to EBS Application and navigate to
System Administrator àOracle Application à Dashboard à Site Map

 4.     Navigate to MaintenanceàPatch Wizard

5. Click on Tasks of Patch Wizard Preferences and enter the path of the Patch staging directory

6. Now go back to the Patch Wizard and click on the tasks of the Recomment/Analyzed Patches as shown below

7.     Click on the radio button Analyze Specific Patches. Enter the Patch number and Click on OK.

8. A concurrent will be submitted and patch impact analysis will be initialized

9.   Logout and then login again and go the Patch Wizard and check the Recommended Patches Results.

10. Click on the Details and check for the Patch Impacts on files and modules.

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