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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

REP-56055 exceeded max connections allowed Oracle Reports Erro


REP-56055 exceeded max connections allowed Oracle Reports Error


1. Find the file $DOMAIN_HOME/reports/conf/repservername.conf

where $DOMAIN_HOME is your applications (not infrastructure) home, and repservername is your reports server name, i.e. rep_markr.
2. Find the line <connection maxConnect="20" idleTimeOut="15">
3. Change the maxConnect value to something like "100"
4. Restart your reports server, i.e.



Sridevi K said...

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Raj M said...

I got below solution in the forums.
what's the purpose of this parameter - engineResponseTimeOut ? I'm not clear.


Two changes recommended to solve this situation, how to implement these two steps differ from 10gR2- and 11gR1+ versions.

1. Increase maxConnect parameter for the in Reports Server.

2. Add engineResponseTimeOut to Reports Server

Please see the specific steps below for various versions.

For 11g and later, use the following steps :

1. Go to Enterprise Manager (aka FMW Control)

2. Click on the Report Server under "Reports" node.

3. Open "Advanced Configuration" page (Reports --> Administration --> Advanced Configuration). Both the maxConnect (Maximum Connections) and engineResponseTimeOut (Engine Reponse Timeout (min) ) parameters can be configured from this page.