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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Query to find out the Disk Group Details in RAC

                             Query to find out the Disk Group Details in RAC 

Conn as  sqlplus '/ as sysasm'


set lines 255
col path for a35
col Diskgroup for a15
col DiskName for a20
col disk# for 999
col total_mb for 999,999,999
col free_mb for 999,999,999
compute sum of total_mb on DiskGroup
compute sum of free_mb on DiskGroup
break on DiskGroup skip 1 on report
set pages 255
select DiskGroup, b.disk_number Disk#, DiskName, b.os_mb,b.total_mb, b.free_mb, b.path, b.header_status
from v$asm_disk b, v$asm_diskgroup a
where a.group_number (+) =b.group_number
order by b.group_number, b.disk_number,

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