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Monday, October 3, 2016

To change timeout settings in cluster


crsctl get css diagwait 
The time limit is to update the respective output logfiles for every process.

crsctl get css disktimeout 
Disk Latencies in seconds from node-to-votedisk. Default Value is 200. (Disk IO)

crsctl get css misscount
Network Latencies in second from node-to-node (Interconnect)

crsctl get css  reboottime 
The maximum time limit reached over to the voting disk, the node eviction happens between the nodes.

[root@node1-pub ~]# crsctl get css disktimeout

[root@node1-pub ~]# crsctl get css misscount
Configuration parameter misscount is not defined.

The above message indicates that the Misscount is not set manually and it is set to its default Value which is 60 seconds on Linux. It can be changed as below.

[root@node1-pub ~]# crsctl set css misscount 100
Configuration parameter misscount is now set to 100.

[root@node1-pub ~]# crsctl get css misscount

The below command sets the value of misscount back to its default value.

[root@node1-pub ~]# crsctl unset css misscount

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