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Monday, December 19, 2016

Actualize the old database editions after online patching to avoid possible performance issues: EBS 12.2.3/12.2.4

During Online patching (ADOP) : 

An additional column ZD_EDITION_NAME is populated in the seed tables.This happens during th prepare phase.
Online patching doesn't modify runtime seed data by the use of editioned data storage. Creating  a (patch) copy of the seed data, which is stored in the same table happens, as seen below :


Every time we perform online patching , there will an old database edition entry and this will accumulate as and when we do more online patching's.
Oracle suggests that we perform actualize_all after this reaches a count of 25. However it would be time consuming to perform the cleanup after the count has increased.

If the number of these grows too large, system performance will start to be affected. When the number of old database editions reaches 25 or more, you should consider dropping all old database editions by running the adop actualize_all phase and then performing a full cleanup.

Perform this every-time when there is no immediate need for online patching:

Before starting, you should ensure that the system has the recommended database patches and latest AD-TXK code level installed.

To proceed, run the following commands in the order shown:

$ adop phase=prepare
$ adop phase=actualize_all
$ adop phase=finalize finalize_mode=full
$ adop phase=cutover
$ adop phase=cleanup cleanup_mode=full
You have now completed removal of the old database editions.


Every-time online patching is performed:

adop phase=actualize_all   can be performed just before phase=finalize/cutover

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