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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Converting HTTPS TO HTTP for Oracle applications

This post is to guide to Convert HTTPS TO HTTP for Oracle applications.

1. Bring down Oracle applications:

sh apps/apps123

2. Change the below parameters in .xml file for conversion from https to http

s_chronosURL Change from https to http
s_endUserMonitoringURL Change from https to http
s_webentryurlprotocol Change from https to http
s_active_webport                 Ensure it is <active web port> and not SSL port
s_login_page         Change from https to http
s_external_url         Change from https to http
<sslterminator oa_var="s_enable_sslterminator"/> 
to <sslterminator oa_var="s_enable_sslterminator">#</sslterminator> 

<chronosURL oa_var="s_chronosURL"></chronosURL>

<EndUserMonitoringURL oa_var="s_endUserMonitoringURL"></EndUserMonitoringURL>

<webentryurlprotocol oa_var="s_webentryurlprotocol">http</webentryurlprotocol>

<login_page oa_var="s_login_page"></login_page>

<externURL oa_var="s_external_url"></externURL>

<activewebport oa_var="s_active_webport" oa_type="DUP_PORT" base="8000" step="1" range="-1" label="Active Web Port">8030</activewebport>

<sslterminator oa_var="s_enable_sslterminator">#</sslterminator>

3. Run , bring up applications , and  verify that login page is appearing http.

sh appspass=apps123
sh apps/apps123

--Narasimha Rao

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