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Friday, January 13, 2017

Report Compilation Fails With Error "There was an error trying to initialize the HPI library"


Active users completed with the following error after upgrade or clone in solaris,

While compiling Reports (.rdf files) through <10.1.2 ORACLE_HOME>/bin/rwconverter, following error is thrown:           

As a result, rwconverter failed to generate the report.

There was an error trying to initialize the HPI library. 
Please check your installation, HotSpot does not work correctly 
when installed in the JDK 1.2 Solaris Production Release, or 
with any JDK 1.1.x release. 
Error occurred during initialization of VM 
Signal chaining not allowed for VM interrupt signal, try -Xusealtsigs.


To implement the solution, please execute the following steps:

1. Rename/Backup the file "<10.1.2 ORACLE_HOME>/jdk/jre/lib/sparc/" if exists.

2. Create a soft link "<10.1.2 ORACLE_HOME>/jdk/jre/lib/sparc/" pointing to file "<10.1.2 ORACLE_HOME>/jdk/jre/lib/sparc/client/" - 

         2.1. Change directory to "<10.1.2 ORACLE_HOME>/jdk/jre/lib/sparc"

         2.2. Execute the command "ln -s client/"

3. Retest the issue                           

4. Migrate the solution to appropriate environment.

Now the active user will complete normal as Library file is updated after clone or upgrade.

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