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Friday, March 10, 2017

  APEX 5.0: There are issues with the configuration of the Static Files in your        environment.

After installing Oracle APEX 5.0, do you get the alert “There are issues with the configuration of the Static Files in your environment. Please consult the “Configuring Static File Support” section in the Application Express Installation Guide.

when you try to login into the APEX Development Environment, This is not something which should be ignored just because it goes away when the OK button is clicked. This is actually a serious installation error message! Without fixing it, non of your Static Work space, Application, Plug-in and Theme files will work anymore.

The message will appear the Oracle HTTP Server / mod_plsql and in the XML Database if the following entries are missing from the DAD definition:

Oracle HTTP Server (OHS) / modplsql

1. Back up the existing dads.conf.

2. Add the following values to the APEX DAD definition in dads.conf:

PlsqlPathAlias  r
PlsqlPathAliasProcedure    wwv_flow.resolve_friendly_url

3. Restart the OHS so that these new values will be recognized.

Issue is resolved.

For different HTTP services like ORDS and Embedded PL/SQL Gateway use the note id:Doc ID 2004672.1

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