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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Active Users Completed with Error status after applying GST Phase 2 patches in R12.1.3 (Reference : Doc ID 1157857.1)
Error from log:
REP-0004: Warning: Unable to open user preference file.
REP-0069: Internal error
REP-57054: In-process job terminated:Finished successfully but output is voided

The cause of this problem has been identified and verified in published Bug 9826688: GENERAL LEDGER ACCOUNT BALANCES ACROSS LEDGERS ERRORS
as the cause. 

The issue occurs due to the logic in retrieving the DAS Id (Definition Access Set Id) when one DAS has duplicate ledgers assigned to it, either directly or through ledger set.

To implement the solution, please execute the following steps:

-- Download and review the readme and pre-requisites for the relevant patch:
For R12.0 - Patch 9826688:R12.GL.A
For R12.1 - Patch 9826688:R12.GL.B
-- Ensure that you have taken a backup of your system before applying the recommended patch.
-- Apply the patch in a test environment.
-- Confirm the following file versions:
For R12.0 - GLRGCBGT.rdf 120.0.12000000.9
Note: If a password is required to download the patch, please open a service request to get the proper password.
For R12.1 - GLRGCBGT.rdf 120.1.12010000.8
You can use commands like the following:
        strings -a $GL_TOP/reports/US/GLRGCBGT.rdf |grep '$Header'   
-- Retest the issue.
-- Migrate the solution as appropriate to other environments.

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