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Monday, April 17, 2017

ORAchk - Health Checks for the Oracle Stack

1.     Download the ORAchk: The latest version of ORAchk is attached to Note 1268927.1 and can be downloaded there.
2.     Unzip kit $ unzip
3.     Give to permission $ chmod 755 orachk
4.     You can execute with following commands ...

$ ./orachk (for regular healtcheck as well as HA best practices)
$ ./orachk-c hacheck (Only HA best practices)
·         After finish, the following (or similar) will be displayed:

Detailed report (html) - /home/oracle/orachk/orachk_ratlnx01_120211_114104/orachk_ratlnx01_120211_114104.html
UPLOAD(if required) - /home/oracle/orachk/
5.     At this point you may view the HTML output in the file shown in the output above. 

  •         ORAchk is scanning the configuration looking for problems. It can provide a report showing health risks.
  •         It is recommended that the database administrator run a report before and after software configuration changes to understand if those changes can cause future problems.

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