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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Event Monitor (EMON) slave process is consuming CPU


Event Monitor (EMON) slave process is consuming CPU.The emon process is stuck in a network write probably trying to communicate with a client that is not responding and this fix detects this and removes the unreachable client.

connect / as sysdba
oradebug setospid 1379
or use  the following to find EMON process
In 11g ps -ef | grep EMON
In 12c ps-ef |grep ennn


The workaround is to kill the emon slave process via
kill -9 pid
The emon slave will automatically restart when it is next required to do so.

To resolve,

connect / as sysdba
alter system set "_client_enable_auto_unregister"=true scope=spfile
shutdown immediate

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