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Sunday, July 16, 2017

           How  to Find out the ASM DISKGROUP label without connecting to the Database.

Recently we have issue on DiskGroup in order to increase the size of the device ,

We need to identify the label which is assigned to the diskgroup and update the OS team .


Set the grid environment and run the below query

[root@ordb1 ~]# cd /home/oracle
[root@ordb1 oracle]# . ./grid.env

oracleasm querydisk -d DISKGROUP_NAME

[root@ordb1 oracle]# oracleasm querydisk -d DEVARCHIVE
Disk "DEVARCHIVE" is a valid ASM disk on device [202,65]
[root@ordb1 oracle]#

Once the device number is listed , we can use ls command to find the partition label.

[root@ordb1 oracle]# ls -l /dev/* |grep 202, |grep 65
brw-r----- 1 root   disk     202,   65 Jun 18 08:50 /dev/xvde1

To Crosscheck :

And also confirm at OS level , by issuing fdisk -l

[root@ordb1 ~]# fdisk -l | grep /dev/xvde
Disk /dev/xvde: 21.4 GB, 21474836480 bytes

To crosscheck the diskgroup size from asm (For cross-checking purpose we have connected to grid database)

ASMCMD> lsdg
State    Type    Rebal  Sector  Block       AU  Total_MB  Free_MB  Req_mir_free_MB  Usable_file_MB  Offline_disks  Voting_files  Name

MOUNTED  EXTERN  N         512   4096  1048576     20473    19539                0           19539              0             N  DEV_ARCHIVE/

Here DEV_ARCHIVE diskgroup has 20 GB from asm and from OS level also it same size from the above data.

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