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Friday, October 20, 2017

Report to identify the I/O at the object level

To view the oracle waiting event at the object level.

Please use the below query.

col block_type for a18
col obj for a20
col otype for a15
col event for a15
col blockn for 999999
col f_minutes new_value v_minutes
col p1 for 9999
col tablespace_name for a15

select &minutes f_minutes from dual;

select io.cnt cnt,
       io.aas aas,
       io.event event,
       substr(io.obj,1,20) obj,
       io.p1 p1,
       f.tablespace_name tablespace_name
        count(*) cnt,
        round(count(*)/(&v_minutes*60),2) aas,
        substr(event,0,15) event,
        nvl(o.object_name,decode(CURRENT_OBJ#,-1,0,CURRENT_OBJ#)) obj,
        o.object_type otype
   from v$active_session_history ash,
        all_objects o
   where ( event like 'db file s%' or event like 'direct%' )
      and o.object_id (+)= ash.CURRENT_OBJ#
      and sample_time > sysdate - &v_minutes/(60*24)
   group by
       substr(event,0,15) ,
       CURRENT_OBJ#, o.object_name ,
       o.object_type ,
) io,
  dba_data_files f
   f.file_id = io.p1
Order by io.cnt


       CNT        AAS EVENT           OBJ                     P1 TABLESPACE_NAME
---------- ---------- --------------- -------------------- ----- ---------------
         1          0 db file sequent 0                        1 SYSTEM


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