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Sunday, October 22, 2017

Which Database Objects Experienced the Most Number of Waits in the Past One Hour

set linesize 120
col event format a40
col object_name format a40

select * from 
  select dba_objects.object_name,
 sum(active_session_history.wait_time +
  active_session_history.time_waited) ttl_wait_time
from v$active_session_history active_session_history,
active_session_history.sample_time between sysdate - 1/24 and sysdate
and active_session_history.current_obj# = dba_objects.object_id
 group by dba_objects.object_name, dba_objects.object_type, active_session_history.event
 order by 4 desc)
where rownum < 6;

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