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Monday, November 6, 2017

Install 12.1.5 oem management agent in silent mode


Installing a management agent in silent mode is only an alternative option to installing the agent using “Add Hosts” from console.

“Add Hosts” target wizard will be useful if you want to install the same OMS version of management agent. For example, if your OMS version is 13.2, you can install only 13.2 version agent on target hosts.  If your target host OS version is not compatible with 13.2 version agent then you must go for 12.1.5 agent, this scenario will be opt for this blog.

This post about install 12.1.5 management agent in silent mode,

High level steps:

1.       Download agent software from OEM server.
2.       Update agent.rsp.
3.       Install the agent through script.

Download agent software from OEM server:

./emcli setup -url= -username="sysman" -password="pwd"
./emcli login -username=sysman
./emcli sync
./emcli get_supported_platforms
./emcli get_agentimage -destination=/installers/OEM/OEM_13c/12C_Agent -platform="Linux x86-64" -version=

Update agent.rsp as below:


Install the agent through script:

sh AGENT_BASE_DIR=/u01/app/Agent12c05 RESPONSE_FILE=/installers/OEM/OEM_13c/archives/agent.rsp

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