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Sunday, December 31, 2017

CLLRIFOI.fmb Form Return FRM-10043 Error When Generated In Languages Other Than English, Brazillian Portugese Or South American Spanish?

The CLL forms are part of the Latin America localizations, have English language as default. It is then translated in Brazillian Portuguese and Latin American Spanish languages only as these are the languages of South America. Therefore there is NO translation available for other languages.

Attempt to generate the CLL forms in languages other than those is designed for results in the FRM-10043 error.

The workaround to have this form present in languages other than the ones it is designed for is to copy the base US language form into each of the non translated language directories.

Connect to Operating System as the APPLMGR user.
$ cd $CLL_TOP/forms/US
$ cp CLLRIFOI.fmx $CLL_TOP/forms/<Other Language>

Alternatively, you can just ignore this compilation error, as these forms should ONLY be accessed in US (English), ESA (Latin America Spanish) and PTB (BrazilPortuguese).

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