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Thursday, March 1, 2018

Creating and Altering ASM diskgroups

To create the partition

# fdisk –l
# fdisk  /dev/sdb

'n' for new partition
 enter default values
'w' for write the partition

Changing the ownership of the partition

# chown –R oracle:dba /dev/sdb*
# chmod -R 775 /dev/sdb*

 Starting the instance and creating the diskgroup 

$sqlplus / as sysasm

Sql> startup nomount
Sql> select name,path from v$asm_disk;

Creating of the diskgroup       
Sql> create diskgroup DG01 external redundancy disk ‘/dev/sdb1’,’/dev/sdb2’;
Sql> create diskgroup DG01 disk ‘/dev/sdb1’,’/dev/sdb2’;
Sql> create diskgroup DG01 high redundancy disk ‘/dev/sdb1’, ’/dev/sdb2’, ’/dev/sdb3’;
Sql> select name,state from v$asm_diskgroup;
Sql> create diskgroup DG01 normal redundancy
failgroup fg1 disk ‘/dev/sdb1’,’/dev/sdb2’
failgroup fg2 disk ‘/dev/sdb3’,’/dev/sdb4’;

Altering the diskgroup

sql> alter diskgroup DG01 mount;
sql>alter diskgroup DG01 dismount;
Sql> alter diskgroup DG01 add disk ‘/dev/sdb3’;
Sql> select name,path from v$asm_disk;
Sql> alter diskgroup DG01 drop disk DG01_0003;

Utility to manage the diskgroup



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