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Sunday, May 6, 2018

Environment :

Red Hat JBoss Operations Network (ON)

Issue :

Not able to send mail through JON server.

Solution :

The SMTP properties are configured in $JON_SERVER/bin/ with the* properties:

By default the file has the below parameters and we need to change as per our environment

# Email settings used to connect to an SMTP server to send alert emails.<SMTP Server Address><SMTP Server Port#>     <-- Default Port# 25

After configuring the properties the JBoss ON Server must be restarted.

For JBoss ON versions prior to 3.2, the following document: How can I confirm my server's email/SMTP settings are correct? describes how to test the email settings.

For JBoss ON 3.2 and 3.3 confirm server's email/SMTP settings are correct use below link:


Note: 550 is the SMTP reply code for "mailbox unavailable".

Diagnostic Steps

If it still does not work, enable DEBUG to for more verbose logging.

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