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Sunday, May 6, 2018

Environment :
Red Hat JBoss Operations Network (ON) 3.3

Step 1 :

Download the plug-in JAR files from the Customer Support Portal.

In the Customer Support Portal, click Software, and then select the JBoss ON for Plug-in drop-down box.

Step 2 :

Download the plug-in packs.

Step 3 :

Unzip the additional plug-in packs. This creates a subdirectory with the name jon-plugin-pack-plugin_name-3.3.0.GA1.

Step 4 :

List the current contents of the JBoss ON server plug-in directory.

For example:
[root@server rhq-agent]# ls -l  serverRoot/jon-server-3.3.0.GA1/jbossas/server/default/deploy/rhq.ear/rhq-downloads/rhq-plugins

Step 5 :

Stop the JBoss ON server.

serverRoot/jon-server-3.3.0.GA1/bin/rhqctl stop

Step 6 :

Copy the new plug-ins from the jon-plugin-pack-plugin_name-3.0.0.GA1/ directory to the JBoss ON server plug-in directory.

[root@server rhq-agent]# cp /opt/jon/jon-server-3.0.0.GA1/jon-plugin-pack-plugin_name-3.0.0.GA1/* serverRoot/jon-server-3.0.0.GA1/jbossas/server/default/deploy/rhq.ear/rhq-downloads/rhq-plugins

Step 7 :

Start the JBoss ON server again.

serverRoot/jon-server-3.0.0.GA1/bin/rhqctl start

Step 8 :

Have the agents reload their plug-ins to load the new plug-ins. This can be done from the command line using the agent's plugins command:

> plugins update

This can also be done in the JBoss ON GUI by scheduling an update plugins operation for an agent or a group or agents.

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