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Friday, June 22, 2018

Resolving OID/SSO issues during Oracle EBS R12.1.3 Upgrade

During our recent EBS 12.1.3 upgrade, we ran into an enthralling yet a show-stopper issue. Just to elaborate a bit, instantly after the upgrade, we can successfully log into EBS 12.1.3. But opening forms would take forever.  Even enabling trace level 5 for Java console, did not produce useful results.  After exhausting customary troubleshooting steps in such scenarios and as part of process of elimination, we managed to nail the issue down to OID/SSO. Yes. This is not an issue for users with “Applications SSO Login Types set to Local”.
Furthermore, we tried removing the references, de-register/register options all produced successful completion, yet failed to resolve the issue. Run the following SQL statement to see whether OID/SSO registration was done correctly:
SELECT * FROM fnd_user_preferences
WHERE user_name='#INTERNAL' AND module_name= 'OID_CONF';

Interestingly, query did not return any values. In such cases, run the following to populate fnd_user_preferences with appropriate OID/SSO values.
SQL> execute fnd_oid_plug.setPlugin;

Verify that Custom DIT entries are now present in FND_USER_PREFERENCES table using below query:

SELECT * FROM fnd_user_preferences WHERE user_name='#INTERNAL' AND module_name= 'OID_CONF'

Now de-register EBuisness Instance with SSO/OID via interactive or non-interactive mode.
Syntax for interactive mode:
$FND_TOP/bin/ \
-script=SetSSOReg \
Non-interactive mode:
$FND_TOP/bin/ \
-script=SetSSOReg \
-deregister=yes \
-appspass= \
[-oidadminuser=cn= \]
-oidadminuserpass= \
[-ldaphost= \]
[-ldapport= \]
[-appname= \]
[-svcname= ]

Before registering make sure to change the following profiles with the values give as below.

    Applications SSO Type: SSWAw/SSO
    Applications SSO Auto Link User: Enable
    Applications SSO Login Types: Both
    Application SSO LDAP Synchronization: Enable
    Applications SSO Enable OID Identity Add Event: Enable
    Link Applications user with OID user with same username: Enable

 Re-register Ebiz with OID/SSO  and re-test.
Interactive mode:
$FND_TOP/bin/ \
-script=SetSSOReg \
-registerinstance=yes$FND_TOP/bin/ \
-script=SetSSOReg \
Non-interactive mode
$FND_TOP/bin/ \
-script=SetSSOReg \
-registerinstance=yes \
-infradbhost= \
-ldapport= \
-ldapportssl= \
[-ldaphost= \]
[-oidadminuser=cn= \]
-oidadminuserpass= \

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