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Friday, May 10, 2019

how to increase connection timeout in weblogic

We need to follow below steps to set this option : through Weblogic Admin Console.
To set this JVM options using the weblogic administration console:
1.In the Domain Structure pane, expand the Servers node.
2.Click the name of the server that you want to configure.
3.In the right pane, click Server Start.
4.Select Lock & Edit.
5.In the Arguments text box, provide the JVM option: enter the following option :
After inserting your options, click Save. Then click Activate Changes.
NOTE: Here 5000 is in miliseconds.

socket connection timeout weblogic

How to set initial and max heapsize in weblogic

When we create a managed server either on the same machine or on remote 
machine it gets its initial startup parameters from 
$DOMAIN_HOME/bin/ file.

By default two parameters are set:

    Xms: The initial heapsize

    Xmx: The max heapsize

Try to set equal initial and max heapsize. The startup time can be a 
little longer but for long running applications it will provide a better

When we set -Xms512m -Xmx1024m, the physical heap size will be 512m. 
This means that there are pages of memory (in the state of the 512m) 
that the JVM does not explicitly control. It will be controlled by OS 
which could be reserve for the other tasks. In this case, it is an 
advantage if the JVM claims the entire memory at once and try not to 
spend time to extend when more memory is needed. Also you can use 
-XX:MaxPermSize (Maximum size of the permanent generation) option for 
Sun JVM. You should adjust the size accordingly if your application 
dynamically load and unload a lot of classes in order to optimize the 

How to apply weblogic bsu patch


 Download latest “patch-client-installer310_generic32.jar” from Oracle Support Site

   Go to “bsu” directory of your WLS Installation:
    cd  /opt/app/bea1032/utils/bsu


  To apply patches run the folowing command from here:
$ -install -patchlist=4D53,NIXN,WDJ7,XLXA -                    patch_download_dir=/opt/app/yourLocation/patchesGotFromSupport -verbose -prod_dir=/opt/app/bea1032/wlserver_10.3


To check which patches are applied

$ -view -patch_download_dir=/opt/app/yourLocation/patchesGotFromSupport -status=applied -verbose -prod_dir=/opt/app/bea1032/wlserver_10.3